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Tel: 020 8468 7945

Searchline Publishing



Our Databases carry a guarantee of a minimum 99.75% accuracy or your money-back.


What does this mean?


There are a number of companies out there that will try to convince you that theirs is the best database, but when the "gone away"s come flooding back or the emails come bouncing back in their hundreds what can you do? Many companies will walk away from the problem - they have you money so "tough".


No so with Searchline Publishing.


We offer purchasers of our databases the following peace-of-mind guarantees:



1. If you mailshot our database within 14 days of purchasing it and you receive more than 0.25% "gone aways", (that's 2 1/2 per thousand), then we will refund you in full the cost of the database.

2. After 14 days, return any "gone aways" to us and we will refund you the postage cost. We will investigate each "gone away" and report back to you with a new address as appropriate. (Simply email us the addresses or post the envelopes to us - we'll refund that postage cost also.)



Forward any emails to us that have bounced back and we will investigate and report back to you with a new email address as appropriate.