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Searchline Publishing publishes the UK's leading databases of Dental Surgeries and Veterinary Surgeries.


They are the most comprehensive and accurate databases available and all carry a guarantee of minimum 99.75% postal address accuracy or your money back. (See individual web pages for further details).


Clients often comment on the quality of the databases; see home page for some such comments.


The databases are output to book and CD, providing names, addresses and telephone numbers in Microsoft Word, Access and Excel format to enable mailshots, telesales, reference and database.


The databases also include, as available, email addresses, websites, fax numbers, contact names and more.


See individual web pages for further details.


There are no restrictions on the use of databases that we sell to you. You may not resell the data but there are no restrictions on either how often or for how long that you use the data, although the data will slowly become more and more out of date so it would be expedient to obtain an update from us from time to time.


Dental Surgeries

Veterinary Surgeries


"Very good". Vetoquinol, the 10th largest veterinary company in the world